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Concert Halls & Conference Centres

Cattle Market Development Bury St. Edmunds-
New multi-purpose space with prime uses as 1000 capacity flat floored hall or concert/performance space with 500 raked seats. C&A advising on general planning, auditorium design development and responsible for all performance/conference technical systems.

Perth Concert Hall
New multi-purpose space with prime use as 1200 seat concert hall. Adaptable to flat floor. C&A advised on all aspects of general planning, auditorium design development and management, and responsible for all performance/conference technical systems.

Royal Festival Hall, London
Major scheme for renovation and acoustic improvement. Carr & Angier responsible for: general planning advice, platform concept development, design of all specialised technical installations.

Barbican Hall, London
Technical renovation scheme for auditorium including new platform lifts, overhead suspensions performance lighting. Carr & Angier advised on the general planning issues, including all stage and conference technical installations.

Centre for the Arts, Dublin City University (The Helix)
New 1000 seat concert auditorium and 450 seat theatre for both public and University. C&A advised on the general planning, auditorium planning and all technical installations.

The Stables, Wavendon
The new entrance foyer serves the new auditorium, existing stable building and a new restaurant. The auditorium seats 400 (fixed), surrounding the performance area on three sides. The old stables have been converted to a smaller performance space and library. The main auditorium is designed for a mixed programme of musical events and is supported by backstage, dressing room and rehearsal spaces.

The Maltings, Snape
860 seat Concert Hall and Opera House in shell of old Malt House complex. General planning advice and design/(re)installation of all technical systems and equipment.

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow
Alexander Gibson Opera School. New complex added to existing Academy with studio for opera performance. C&A advised on general planning, technical planning and all specialist technical systems.

Istanbul Cultural & Congress Complex
Complex comprising 2,500 seat Concert Hall, Chamber Hall, and multipurpose theatre and conference space. Carr & Angier responsible for Briefing advice, general and technical planning advice, and all performance/conference technical systems.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Extension)
Comprising 4400 seat Convention Hall, Meeting Rooms & Exhibition Halls. Carr & Angier advising on Conference & Performance aspects. Responsible for Design of Performance & Conference Technical Systems.

Belfast Riverside Concert & Conference Complex
Complex comprising flexible 2,250 seat Concert/Conference Hall and 500 seat small hall. Carr & Angier undertook the original feasibility and concept studies, and prepared the Detailed Design Brief. Then advised on all aspects of general planning, auditorium design development and management, and responsible for all performance/conference technical systems.

Hinxton Hall
Conference facilities including 300 seat Conference Hall and a Lecture Room. Carr & Angier have assisted in Auditorium development and responsible for detailing the Conference Technical support systems.

King's Lynn Corn Exchange
Renovation and extension of existing listed building to provide 850 seat flexible Concert and Community Hall. Carr & Angier appointed to prepare design brief, and oversee the project to completion on behalf of the Borough Council.

North Wales Arts & Convention Centre
1,500 seat concert/lyric theatre/conference auditorium with adjoining conference and leisure facilities at Llandudno. Carr & Angier wrote the Brief, advised on the basic auditorium concept and general planning issues, and designed all stage and conference technical installations.

Concert/Lecture Hall, Limerick University, Ireland
Development of 1,000 seat auditorium for concerts, lectures, and major university events. Carr & Angier responsible for: Briefing Advice; auditorium concept development; general planning advice; design of all specialised technical installations.

York Barbican Centre
Development of a 1,500 seat hall for mixed Concert, Conference, and Indoor Sports uses. Carr & Angier responsible for general planning advice, and design of all specialist technical systems.

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Concert and Conference complex with 2,500 seat and 600 seat halls. Carr & Angier advised on all aspects of performance and conference uses, auditorium and general plan development, and all performance and conference technical systems.

Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Development Association with private Developer. Complex of exhibition halls, conference auditoria and hotels with public performance facilities. Carr & Angier gave Briefing advice on overall conference and performance requirements, general planning advice, and designed all conference and performance technical installations.

St David's Hall, Cardiff
2,000 seat National Concert & Conference Hall of Wales. Carr & Angier developed the Brief and devised the Auditorium Concept; gave general and technical planning advice and were responsible for all performance technical installations; gave management advice, and advised the City Council's Management Committee on operational matters from 1983-1987.

Harrogate Conference Complex
International Conference Centre with 2,000 seat main auditorium and extensive exhibition and support facilities. Carr & Angier initially employed to resolve conflicting conference and performance interests; appointment then extended to advise on performance and conference requirements, general planning, and design of all specialist technical systems.

Perth Concert Hall

Barbican Concert Hall

St. David's Hall Cardiff

Perth Concert Hall

Belfast Waterfront Hall

Royal Hall Glasgow


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